Veterinary Business Cards

Veterinary Business Cards – Progress Park Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary business cards that look unique. I mean compared to the template options out there – that’s a challenge…. but when Amy Hasty, owner of Progress Park Veterinary Hospital contacted us, that’s exactly what we discussed.

We have been working with Amy for some time. One of the great things about working with her – aside from the fact that she has an amazing sense of humor and is quick to smile – is that she knows what she wants but is still very open to suggestions. This combination of a great disposition and a willingness to collaborate creates what I would consider a near-perfect working relationship.

(I say “near-perfect” because she has yet to bake & deliver cookies… but if cookies happened… 10/10)

Amy Hasty / Progress Park Veterinary Hospital
Amy Hasty / Progress Park Veterinary Hospital

So I know – you see “veterinary business cards” and you don’t think “what an exciting topic, you should write a blog post about them”! Well… we’ve done more than just the business cards. We actually worked with Amy to create the Progress Park Veterinary Hospital logo. We worked with them to create their website. This site serves as the primary hub for their online marketing efforts. It was recently converted to WordPress and incorporates a substantial amount of custom features.

Veterinary Business Cards + Social Stream

One of the cool features on the site is the Social Stream, which can be seen on some of the other sites we’ve launched recently. It is essentially an aggregator page that pulls in data from all of the Progress Park social accounts. You know – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. It makes the information available with 1 click. This is a super-handy feature that we suggest you consider adding to your own site. Don’t limit yourself to social media posts either – create aggregator pages for reviews, offers, cat pictures – get creative!

Since we’re talking about social media – it would be silly if I didn’t mention Zach and our social media marketing services. He’s really picking up steam lately and has a lot of happy clients.


Anyway, I’ve veered left a bit – but you can learn more about Amy Hasty and Progress Park Veterinary Hospital on their site:

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