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CloudFlare Benefits

CloudFlare Benefits

Increased Performance

Your visitors are impatient. Website load times can’t be slow. Improving the customer experience means more money in your pocket.

CloudFlare puts the power of a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) at your fingertips, ensuring every page of your site renders as efficiently as possible no matter what device your customers are using – a luxury previously only available to massive corporations. Now your business can enjoy improved website performance at a fraction of the old cost.

Take your content delivery to the next level.

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CloudFlare Data Theft

Increased Security

Bad news: hackers are more sophisticated than ever. Good news: they seek out low-hanging fruit. CloudFlare removes your site from the latter category, offering WAF and SSL services, along with DDoS protection and real-time traffic rerouting to defend you and your visitors from all kinds of threats.

The best part? This additional protection does not come at the expense of performance. In fact, CloudFlare’s suite of features increases performance and security simultaneously.

Managed CloudFlare DNS

Increased Reliability

Protection from malicious traffic is important. So is ensuring the availability of your website content. CloudFlare runs the fastest and most reliable managed DNS service in the world (currently over 35% market share). Averaging only a few milliseconds per query, they also boast the fastest performance of any managed DNS provider.

Major ecommerce sites, government agencies and enterprises utilize this same service to make sure their content is online, always available, and to ensure DNS propagation delays are a thing of the past.

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Managed CloudFlare Analytics

Reporting Accuracy & Insight

Conventional analytics services don’t filter out “junk traffic”, which in some instances can account for 20 to 50% of what’s reported. When CloudFlare identifies threats, they are logged then blocked. This makes your website usage numbers much more accurate, preventing costly mistakes based on bad data.

CloudFlare integrates with many popular services you already love, like Google Analytics, and augments the information you’re collecting with increased accuracy that you won’t find anywhere else.

So Let's Get Started

So Let's Get Started

Setup is Easy

If you’re ready to put CloudFlare to work for you just click one of the red buttons on this page or review our simple pricing. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss how this pairs well with several of our other popular services:

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