Ottawa Savings Bank Redesign with Scott Doherty

Scott Doherty of Ottawa Savings Bank, located in Ottawa Illinois, has been working with us since 2014. He is an IT professional that happens to have some of the most adorable pups you’ve ever laid eyes on. When he first called us though – it wasn’t to chat about dogs – it was to chat about the sorely outdated Ottawa Savings Bank website.

He and Jessica Rodriguez had been tasked with overseeing the project – and website redesigns can be daunting if you’ve never managed one before. The short version of the story is that we helped keep them on a path that resulted in a successful relaunch. Scott and Jessica were great to work with, and they were kind enough to write us this letter of recommendation:

Ottawa Savings Bank Letter of Recommendation
Ottawa Savings Bank Letter of Recommendation

Dear Mr. Hauser:

We wanted to send you this letter to express to you how wonderful and easy it was working with you and your group on the total redesign of our web presence.

The knowledge and expertise you provided was only outperformed by your enthusiasm and passion while working with us! Your group was vested in the success of our project and gave us the impression that we were your top priority not only during the first phase of our website, but also throughout the continuing process of updating and maintaining the site.

The Hauser Design Group and especially AJ himself has become more than just a trusted partner in our success, but also a friend.

Scott J. Doherty
IT Manager, Ottawa Savings bank

Jessica Rodriguez
Investor Accounting, Ottawa Savings Bank

We’ve called Ottawa Illinois home for some time now, and it was truly a pleasure to work on a site for such an esteemed local establishment. The redesign helped OSB present themselves as a much more accessible bank, and it helped with SEO immediately.

Scott Doherty / Ottawa Savings Bank
Scott Doherty / Ottawa Savings Bank

It’s always nice to receive positive reviews, but it’s kind of special when people send them to us on actual paper. Thank you Scott & Jessica – sincerely.

Ottawa Website Development:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – there are a LOT of snake oil salesmen out there in this space. It is certainly in your best interest to seek out and work with people that have a proven track record and stories that show real world improvement and ROI.

With that in mind… we hope to hear from you soon.


Sherri Benedetti
Serenity Wellness
[Print Design + Website Design & Launch]

“This team is very knowledgeable, creative, efficient and thorough. They exceeded my expectations! They did an amazing job on my logo, website, vinyl, rack cards, email, Facebook, business cards, tshirts, banner & pens. Truly a one stop shop with reasonable rates. Other local businesses told me 6 months minimum, with a cost that was 4 times what AJ charged… then knocked it all out in less than a month! Unlike other companies, they listened to my needs & offered ideas and got it done. Thanks again!”