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Camo Hunting Caps & Blank Baseball Caps


We’ve all asked the same question…

Why the heck is it spelled like that?

More importantly… where can I get me some sweet blank camo hats at?! Or perhaps you’d just like the timeless classic – the blank baseball cap? Either option is fine, and available from one of our ecommerce clients in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. In fact, I was rather surprised the first time Aimee Rubinstein contacted us to ask that we do a full 25-Point SEO Report for her site – because I didn’t even know that one could make a living selling such items.

Camo Caps:
Camo Caps:

I mean sure – caps with designs on them, that made sense to me. But blank caps? That was a new one. Fortunately we were able to work with, and after delivering a full 25-Point SEO Report and discussing it, we were able to suggest some changes to their site the began to move the needle. The report itself was also well received, and Aimee had this to say on our Google My Business listing:

I hired The Hauser Design Group several weeks ago to complete a review of our site and deliver a report focused on SEO. We plan to continue working with them to improve our SEO and organic traffic.

I mean – that’s the truth. That’s what we done did, and that thar be what we gone continue ta do – she refused to pay us in blank camo hats though 😉

How to Measure Your Head for a Hat

Like I have said in the past, our clients run the gamut – we work with corporations, we work with salt-of-the-earth-ma-and-pa stores – and everyone in between. It is always interesting to see what people are doing to provide value in their own respective businesses. In this case, I came across an article on properly sizing a hat to your head, quickly read it and said – that is completely useful.

What is your business doing to provide your visitors value that is above and beyond what they might expect?

It’s a question worth asking. I think I’ll ponder that myself for a bit as well…



Nicole Boudreault
Charleston Limewash
[Shopify / Ecommerce Website Design & Development]

“After some negative experiences with our previous web designer, AJ and his team helped Charleston Limewash get back on track quickly and effectively. AJ was professional and prompt in his communication with me; I never felt like our business was forgotten or pushed aside to make room for bigger clients. The work they did to our site is fantastic. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank you!”