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Cardstock – wait CutCardStock? Cut Cardstock. Yes… see you thought that title was a typo, right?

Wrong my friend!

I wanted to talk a bit about Cindy Crots from – who we are lucky to consider a long time client. See, we work with Cindy on a weekly basis, digging into her Google Analytics so that we can provide her with reports full of valuable data-driven suggestions. Cindy then takes these reports and uses them to decide what areas of her website she would like to improve. We then track our changes to confirm that they do in fact move the needle, and repeat the process.

This is a rather common procedure for most successful ecommerce websites. What’s unique about this situation though, is that Cindy originally hired us to fix a laundry list of small, tiny things that were bothering her completely unrelated to SEO. This too is common, as we are hired regularly for projects of all sizes. Not every review on our Shopify Experts listing is for a full site launch.

But from this initial list, we were able to learn more about Cindy and her cardstock business – over time we developed a great working relationship that continues to this day. Cindy recently took a few moments to write this on our Google My Business listing:

AJ and his team are great to work with.  He listens to what we need and then makes an organized plan to tackle each step of each project. They do great work for our Shopify e-commerce store. They redesigned and coded a new home page for us that was professional and up to date looking!  We will continue to use The Hauser Design Group for our ongoing  and future coding and design work!

Cardstock by CCS: The CutCardStock Team
Cardstock by CCS: The CutCardStock Team

We can’t thank her enough for the kind words.

CardStock: Affordable & Fast

So again – as I mentioned we would recommend you check out if you are into crafts or anything that would require the use of similar products. Cindy is great to work with and their team consists of a small group of driven individuals.

You won’t be disappointed!


Lance Kozic
[Shopify / Ecommerce Website Design & Development]

“That page layout should work out awesome, so will the availability grid and the size/color chart. Thank you!”