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One of the best lessons regarding website development is this: do the simple things well. Like so many areas in life, if you want to excel you have to have a solid grasp on the fundamentals. For website development the fundamentals can vary depending on your organization and the goals defined in your custom marketing plan, but usually a handful of things remain consistent:

Make your website is easy to use (KISS – Keep It Simple Sebastian). Make sure the site looks polished and incorporates visuals are appealing, not distracting. Make sure the site functions on mobile devices. Make sure common elements are where users expect them to be. Make sure you understand what your customers want the most, then make it amazingly simple to find.

We helped CO2 Meter improve in these areas and received some amazing feedback:

All the positive reviews for The HDG sounded too good to be true – but they were right. We first hired them for a small Shopify edit. They were quick and reasonably priced. We then decided to do a full website redesign. After reading proposals from half a dozen other companies, we realized Hauser was the ONLY one who took the time to understand our requirements.

co2 meter shopify designer

Initial Project Summary:
CO2 Meter already had a website that did well over 7 figures a year in online sales. What they didn’t have was a way for their customers to quickly sort their products by application and product type. They also lacked any sort of mobile experience. These features were added improving the shopping experience, along with a complete refresh to the overall UI. You can imagine what impact that had on online sales….

  • Research & Planning
  • Persona Development
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Custom Menus for Product Sorting
  • Shop Functions & Checkout Validated
  • Real-World Testing
  • Scheduled Launch
  • Follow Up Consultation & Training

Additional Features and Website Improvements:
The features mentioned above were implemented prior to our scheduled launch. However, after the website started to pull in more traffic, more sales and produce more profit, the owners decided that they needed some additional modifications to enhance the overall user experience.

  • The Select Your Language drop-down was added to give shoppers a better version of translated content when compared to the standard Google “translate this page” option.
  • Additional Product Page Customizations were designed to put more emphasis on certain product features, incorporate tabs, and make the images easier to scroll.
  • With all of the new mobile traffic, the owners decided they needed to implement additional Website Security and IP Filtering, along with a CDN to ensure the fastest possible delivery for their users.

The Most Important Takeaway:
These responsive Shopify upgrades ensure the site will be used by more people, and the product sorting helps users find what they need faster, increasing conversions.

shopify redesign huge ecommerce


  • Better Mobile Experience
  • Increased Organic Site Traffic
  • Reduced Time Required to Find Products
  • Smooth Translation for Foreign Shoppers
  • Increased Conversions
  • Easy to Use Across Full Age Spectrum

Everyone from our President & CEO to the customer support team is pleased with our new website. We have more changes to make, but I’m 100% confident AJ will take care of us.

Thank you for the kind words, Mark.
We’ll be happy to help.

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“They pick up the phones when you call. It’s amazing. I swear I contacted 20 other [Shopify Experts] and no one picked up the phone. [The HDG] finished our project within hours, and at a good price. Highly recommended.”