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Ottawa Floor to Ceiling + The HDG

As an established leader in the commercial flooring, kitchen & bath, and window covering industries, it’s critical that the Floor to Ceiling website visually represent them as a professional business and industry leader. The Ottawa store (located at 1230 Columbus St, Ottawa, IL 61350) had a previous website that fell short.

Our website design team collected all of the assets that could be salvaged and went to work creating a beautiful new web layout that would prompt interaction from users and give Floor to Ceiling a better chance at converting leads and subsequently providing their customers with competitive estimates, prompt follow-through and a quality end result.

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Initial Project Summary:
Like so many of the customers that we take on, the initial premise was as follows: Floor to Ceiling of Ottawa had a website. They were not happy with said website. They were not happy with the response time they received from the previous website designer / developer. They did not think that the website was producing any leads. They thought that the website made them look amateurish (and yes, we agreed that it did).

They wanted to focus on running their business. They needed this mess fixed. Fortunately, we’re fixers.

After listening intently to their concerns, we were able to have a very open, honest discussion and explain a few options. We had a brief conversation regarding price – and we were off to the races.

Key Website Features:
Every website is different, as is every business. One of the things that we do with customers when we take them on is have a discussion to explore the things that are most important to their unique situation. Where do their most valuable leads come from? What is their target demographic? Do they target multiple customer types using different services or products? What is their brand messaging – or have they defined this? Is there a keyword strategy in place or do we need to develop one?

  • The Strongest Call to Action on the homepage is clearly the “Get Directions” button. This is critical because visits to the showroom are extremely beneficial for both F2C and their customers.
  • The Photo Gallery located within the site showcases some of the quality craftsmanship that has helped Floor to Ceiling make a name for themselves. 
  • The Contact Information is so prominently placed that you’d have to be completely clueless to miss it: KISS (Keep It Simple Sebastian)

The Most Important Takeaway:
After launch F2C saw an increase in both calls to the store and showroom visits. The latter was validated by tracking the “Get Directions” button using Google Analytics.

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  • Allowed Owners to Work ON their business, not ON their website
  • Increased Showroom Visits
  • Increased Calls to Store
  • Increased Organic Website Traffic
  • Increased Time On Site
  • Easy to Use Across Full Age Spectrum

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“This team is very knowledgeable, creative, efficient and thorough. They exceeded my expectations! They did an amazing job on my logo, website, vinyl, rack cards, email, Facebook, business cards, tshirts, banner & pens. Truly a one stop shop with reasonable rates. Other local businesses told me 6 months minimum, with a cost that was 4 times what AJ charged… then knocked it all out in less than a month! Unlike other companies, they listened to my needs & offered ideas and got it done. Thanks again!”