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Fashion in Fort Wayne, IN

Fashion in Fort Wayne, Indiana… I never thought that I would be writing an article that started with that line. Regardless… let’s discuss some fine women’s clothing! Over the past (many) months I have had the great privilege of working with Leah Strauss Grant and the rest of the team over at Jophiel.

I have to admit – it’s been an amazing experience. You see, we work with Jophiel on a weekly basis, digging deep into their Google Analytics so that we can come back and offer suggestions and updates – things that they can do in house and with our help – to pull more website traffic.

Usually when Leah and I hop on a call the energy is just infectious. She is so excited to discuss the ideas that we both bring to the table – to talk about the potential of focusing marketing dollars in new areas and really zeroing in on certain segments of website traffic to maximize their impact. Her blog articles are also a great read if you’re interested in getting tips and updates on women’s fashion.

The Team @ Jophiel
The Team @ Jophiel

We were lucky enough to have Leah leave us just a few words on our Google My Business listing not too long ago:

The Hauser Design Group has been amazing to collaborate with, it’s always an exciting think tank session. They work hard to understand your company’s mission and generate solutions for success that really speak to your unique project.

Short and sweet. Thanks, Leah.

Fashion in Fort Wayne

So like I said – if you’re in the Fort Wayne area (and you are in fact in the market for women’s clothes) take a minute to stop by and say hello. They strive to provide a one-of-a-kind guided shopping experience. It’s completely unique.

Leah and the rest of the gals are just outstanding to work with, and even though this article is a bit different than what I might normally write about – they’re great, and I’ll press “Publish” with a smile on my face!


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