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The Aerial Supply Company + The HDG

The Aerial Supply Company is an online retailer that specializes in aftermarket parts and upgrades for R/C model planes. We were introduced to them through another client in the same space, Robart Manufacturing. While Robart takes part in trade shows and other physical events, The Aerial Supply Company ONLY sells online. Our top priority throughout this process was to make sure that the logo worked flawlessly in digital format.

Specifically: on their ecommerce website, email notifications, online ads and social media marketing.

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Initial Project Summary:
The focus for this project was completely digital: The Aerial Supply Company had no intentions of using this logo for print (as we’ve seen in other logo examples). This meant that we were able to design for very specific placement: at the top of an ecommerce website, for email invoices and order notifications, and for social media marketing efforts.

This sounds like it would be restrictive. However, the truth of the matter is the more specificity we have at the outset, the more efficient we can be in terms of design time, drafts, and budget.

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Developing a Great Logo:
Since this logo was always going to be displayed on some sort of screen – meaning it would always have light behind it – we didn’t need to take things like Pantone (PMS) colors into account. Pantone colors were created to normalize the variance that came from taking your logo to different printers using different equipment and slightly different color/ink mixes. Take a look at your logo on your business card, and hold it up to your logo on your monitor – notice the monitor logo seems “lighter”? That’s because there is light behind the screen. Your business card doesn’t emit light, therefore printed colors appear darker.

Many times people will print digital instead of 4/4 – grab some of your collateral material from different printers. Do all the colors on cards, brochures and handouts match perfectly, or are they slightly different? This could be fixed with Pantones – and while it is more expensive, it looks much more professional.

Most Important Takeaway:
The specificity of this project allowed us to efficiently design a logo to has worked well for The Aerial Supply Company and their online efforts.

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  • Darker Colors Work Well on All Screens
  • Vibrant & Energetic
  • Crisp & Clean
  • Scales to Any Size
  • Delivered in Multiple Formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS and PDF

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