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Starved Rock Runners + The HDG

It was a project that started like so many others… a group of people walk into our office. They’re skeptical. Doubtful. Incredulous. Maybe a little disengaged. Maybe a little grumpy. Yet whatever the combination one thing is clear… they’ve been burned by another agency.

We see it all the time. The bad news? We have to work harder to convince our visitors we’re different, and that’s not just lip service. The good news? We gain an opportunity to prove we can deliver. That we are professional, trustworthy and mean what we say – our previously burned visitors have a great point of reference to evaluate our performance.

Such was the scenario on the Starved Rock Runners complete website redesign. Their team wanted to rebuild their broken, outdated site in a way that was visually stunning but also rock-solid on the back end. They needed the website to be a useful tool, not a constant struggle to use. After launch they saw a substantial increase in organic search traffic, and substantial increases in session duration and website usage.

After launch and a presentation by our team, we received a nice little note…

AJ thank you for your kind words about me being a “hard ass”. I took far more pleasure in that than I should have. All kidding aside, you guys have done right by us. Based on past experiences I had my doubts, but I will give you credit. Your team always bucked up and made any issues right, and I respect that immensely because not many businesses “do the right thing” anymore.

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Initial Project Summary:
SRR needed their website (their most valuable marketing tool) to look great and remain easy to navigate across all devices for their entire audience – meaning runners ranging 18 to 80 years old! What’s more, they needed years and years of searchable race results to migrate during the process – AND they needed a way to upload new results seamlessly on the back end using spreadsheets delivered by multiple timing companies using different standards.

  • Research & Planning
  • Persona Development
  • Core Message & Positioning
  • Complete Content Rewrite
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Real-World Testing
  • Scheduled Launch
  • Follow Up Consultation & Training
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Additional Features and Website Improvements:
The features mentioned above were implemented prior to launch. However, after the website started to pull in more users, more traffic, more interaction and more value (and profit) for sponsor ads – the board decided that they needed some additional improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

  • The Submit Your Race feature was added to allow users and clubs to submit their own races for review and upon approval, become listed on the SRR website as a quality event.
  • The Timing Results – searchable by race or runner – have been updated multiple times to allow the processing of multiple new formats that have been delivered by the timing companies.
  • With all of the new attention, the board decided they needed to implement additional Website Security and IP Filtering, along with a CDN combined with our Professional Hosting to ensure the fastest possible delivery for their users.

The Most Important Takeaway:
Through careful planning and a firm resolve to follow through on our promises, we were able to restore SRR’s faith in marketing agencies. Well… one marketing agency…

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  • Massive Time Saver for In-House Managers
  • Increased Organic Site Traffic
  • Increased Time On Site
  • Increased Ad Revenue
  • Easy to Use Across Full Age Spectrum

Based on past experiences I had my doubts, but I will give you credit. Your team always bucked up and made any issues right, and I respect that immensely because not many businesses “do the right thing” anymore.

Thank you for the kind words, Bob.
We’re honored to carry that torch.

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