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Electronic Supply Custom Logo
Electronic Supply + The HDG

Custom Logo Development is something we absolutely love to do – because your LOGO is The Cornerstone of Your Brand. Electronic Supply asked us to help them develop a logo that made it clear they could find whatever electrical component their customers were looking for.

Custom Logo Concept

Initial Project Summary:
One of the best places to start with any logo project is a sketchpad. In this case the elements of the logo were already somewhat conceptualized – so instead of a sketch, we went straight to Photoshop (or as it looks here… maybe MS Paint…) to put together a (very) rough mock that we could reference before the real work started in Adobe Illustrator.

Keep this in mind: even a rough sketch or a terrible looking mock can be useful provided the concept is rock solid and communicates a strong value proposition to customers.

Custom Logo Color Examples

Developing a Great Logo:
Fleshing out the actual logo was a lot of fun. We spent time selecting the proper fonts: the main font looks clean and clear, but the tagline is a bit playful and looks like old 8-bit text. This is subtle, but it adds some additional character to the piece in a way that will resonate with the “techy” audience.

The concept was accepted with minimal edits – simplification and color mods were next. Since Electronic Supply had no predetermined color palette, this was a nice exercise and it allowed us to seamlessly segue into their next design project.

Most Important Takeaway:
The logo speaks to the core customer base. It shows E-Supply can find what you need, they are helpful, and the fonts communicate both professionalism and character.

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  • Design is Appealing to Core Customers
    (Note: core customers must be defined before you can attract them consistently)
  • New Color Palette is Vibrant, Fresh & Energetic
  • Crisp & Clean
  • Scales to Any Size
  • Used on the Website, Business Cards & Exterior Signage

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