The Brew Bag® + The HDG

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The Brew Bag® + The HDG

The Brew Bag® is an interesting product, primarily because of it’s diversity. At it’s core, it is a purpose-designed fabric filter used for – well, brewing beer. At least that’s how it started. These days it’s used across a myriad of industries and applications – and the new logo needed to reflect that this product is no longer just for home brewers.


Custom Beer Logo Design

Initial Project Summary:
The original logo (which had been in use since product launch) just wasn’t cutting it anymore. The truth of the matter was the product had grown over time. One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities – and if one surfaces – pivot!

Rex realized that he was receiving orders (large orders) from companies manufacturing things very different than beer. His product could clearly service multiple industries and multiple applications – and it was time for the cornerstone of his brand to reflect that.

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Developing a Great Logo:
It takes a lot of work to get to the heart of the matter when you’re developing a new logo for a client. We like to present our customers with several options out of the gate. Even though we spend a lot of time asking questions and trying to gain a deep understanding of what the client wants and what the logo needs to represent – sometimes people just need to see examples to zero in on a concept they prefer.

From this initial round of work we cherry pick and whittle down – then repeat as needed. Often by round 3 or 4 we’ve distilled all of our ideas into a clear, concise, finished product.

Most Important Takeaway:
The logo is still focused on beer, but the new elements add depth and tell buyers that The Brew Bag® has much more to offer.

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  • Vibrant, Fresh & Energetic
  • More Diverse
  • Coincides with Plans to Expand
  • Crisp & Clean
  • Scales to Any Size

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