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McDonnell Ag Solutions + The HDG

Custom logo development for a company offering agriculture services to farmers differs greatly from logo development for someone in the high-end designer hardware industry. In both examples the key concepts and principles are the same – but the research and end results are quite different.

Initial Project Summary:
Our customers often prefer we deliver a sheet of concept logos to get the creative juices flowing. However, before we start slapping random shapes and ideas together (a la Fiverr) it is critical that we have defined the key elements that need to be present.

This logo draft was not selected as the final, but you can see that both the negative space and the logo overall point upwards to symbolize growth for Bill McDonnell’s clients, and more literally suggests viewers “look to the sky”. Bill appreciated this when we explained the concept to him, as he was one of the first ag specialists to utilize drone technology for crop and soil analysis.

Farmer Ag Logo

Developing a Great Logo:
This photo was one that Bill took with his drone, and after we completed the logo itself he wanted to move into print design. We edited the picture heavily in Photoshop, and placed the logo dead center and at the bottom to emphasize the tagline.

Now you’ll notice the logo was designed in full color, but it can also easily be used in solid white. This is an important consideration – something worth really thinking about – before you commission someone for your logo redesign project.

Most Important Takeaway:
The logo works in full color and as a 1-color “stamp” while retaining positive subliminal messaging.

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  • Works as a Full Color Logo
  • Works as a 1-Color Logo
  • Contains Positive Subliminal Messaging
  • Works for Print & Digital Applications
  • Vibrant, Fresh & Energetic
  • Crisp & Clean
  • Scales to Any Size

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