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Proven WordPress Experts

Proven WordPress Experts
Premium Wordpress Developer

Grow Your WordPress Website

Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale your existing WordPress site – we have design & growth services that will take your website to the next level!

Let’s talk about your website & plan the next steps.

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Wordpress Migration Services

WordPress Migration Services

Looking to move your WordPress site to another host? Need to recreate your existing site on WordPress so you have more control over your content? Either way, we’ll help you make a smooth transition.

Let’s discuss improvements that are available.

New Wordpress Setup

New WordPress Website Setup

Looking for WordPress setup help? No problem. Whether you want a premium theme or a completely custom design & build, we’ll help you avoid common mistakes so you come out swinging!

Use the extra time we save you to focus on developing and growing your business.

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Wordpress Rescue Support

WordPress Website Rescue & Support

Do you have a WordPress website that just doesn’t cut the mustard? Maybe it’s just never… really… worked? We’ll help you fix it.

Let’s turn this hindrance into a powerful tool that promotes your business by optimizing your SEO, fixing the back end workflow & overall user experience.

Custom Wordpress Development

WordPress Custom Development

WordPress is a powerful platform that can be heavily customized to fit your needs – you do not need to settle for the way a theme looks, frustrating or goofy functionality, or a bunch of busted plugins.

If you need your site to do more, to work harder, then we can help you customize it in a way that serves you. Let’s make your life easier.

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Wordpress Plugin Modifications

WordPress Plugin Modifications

When it comes to plugins… we have a love/hate relationship. Some plugins can perform a function that we need – but plugins can expire, they can break the site when they are updated, and when they are not updated they become security threats.

We can help you safely update your plugins, customize existing plugins or create new ones from scratch. In many cases custom development work can reduce the number of plugins slowing down your site!

Quality Results

Quality Results
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Premium Website Development

We would never claim to be a premium website development company without proof. With over 185+ online reviews, you can rest assured that other established businesses have already tested our customer service, attention to detail, accessibility and most importantly – follow through.

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We would love to earn your positive review!

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“After some negative experiences with our previous web designer, AJ and his team helped Charleston Limewash get back on track quickly and effectively. AJ was professional and prompt in his communication with me; I never felt like our business was forgotten or pushed aside to make room for bigger clients. The work they did to our site is fantastic. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank you!”