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Website design & website development.

Your website is some of your most important real estate.

Professional websites with effective calls to action can deliver serious results. However, no matter what the $9.99 template salesmen or "I do websites in my spare time" hobbyists tell you, webpages must be designed properly to be effective. Websites are an INVESTMENT IN YOUR COMPANY. Unfortunately they are often regarded as "something I just don't need right now". Well, your clients think you do, because they're looking for it - and they are forming opinions based on what they find.

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Investing in a professional website will pay for itself over the long term. If you design with purpose, you can funnel visitors and convince them to act. If you build your site out of semantic, optimized code, it will be easily crawled and indexed by the search engines. Build it, and they will come.

A quality (up to date) website shows clients you take your business seriously.

  • A professional website validates you and your organization.
    Websites are necessary. They make your company's image more complete.
  • A professional website provides cost effective advertising.
    Websites can be permanent, unlike direct mail or other "throw aways" with short life spans.
  • A professional website sells for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    Websites allow customers to browse your widgets at their convenience, even while you sleep.
  • A professional website increases your overall visibility.
    The Internet has billions of users local and worldwide - attract your share.
  • Clients want to visit them.
    "Hey, what's your website?" With a professional product, you won't dread answering this question.

How do I choose when there are an infinite number of "web designers"???

We recommend you look for experience, an impressive portfolio, a list of happy clients and a proven track record. Look for a designer who wants to understand your business, your product, and your message. Find a developer that wants to see you succeed and knows what it takes to do so. Do it once. Do it right. If you make this decision based solely on cost - just remember that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

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We will deliver the HIGHEST VALUE-TO-DOLLAR RATIO. Hands down.
We create custom designed, unique, hand coded product (no templates or code generators).
W3C validation and search engine optimization guarantee you the largest possible audience.
You and your business deserve special attention. We are here to serve you.

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Common questions and misconceptions about Website Development & Design:

Templates are cheap and easy solutions.
The word "template" is misleading, and many assume they provide a cheap, quick alternative. However, templates are not real solutions; they are band-aids riddled with incorrect code, repetitive design, zero customer support, and ultimately - a negative impact on clients.

You wouldn't just grab a pre-written biography for your company: "We are a paint company that sells paint". This sounds silly and doesn't explain what makes YOU different. Your business is unique and better than the competition. Your website needs to express that.

As far as SEO is concerned: an active, custom website will almost always outperform a template based website.

I can do my own site quickly and easily with programs like Dreamweaver or Front Page.
At their core, websites are thousands of lines of text. All browsers will interpret these lines in a different way. To ensure that the maximum amount of clients can view your site as it was intended, you must follow standards, code by hand, and thoroughly test your site in multiple browsers. Programs like the ones listed above may provide what appears to be a working website, but behind the scenes it can be another story. They produce bloated, invalid code that result in slow load times and poor search engine placement.

The best way to avoid these problems is to have the site built professionally. Most major corporations employ entire divisions of programmers to make sure their site is valid. They do not rely on store-bought programs, and neither should any serious business.

A website will immediately boost my business.
Do not have unreal expectations and assume that a new website will immediately generate revenue. Websites are an investment. They are extremely useful selling tools but must be properly promoted in order to be effective. Steps must be taken to drive traffic to your site. This can be done through traditional marketing to increase awareness, SEO, online marketing, email marketing, etc.

Websites are not as effective as direct mail and other traditional print advertisements.
Both websites and print marketing have their place, but keep in mind that a website is a constant advertisement. Websites have a very long lifespan, and can last years with routine updates. Direct mail and flyers offer a one time impact. Many active businesses have stagnant, abandoned websites. Keep your site up to date! Keeping it current promotes return visits.

A flashy design is the most important thing – I need to impress clients.
Design is important and there is nothing wrong with impressing clients, but remember, clients will visit your site to get a phone number or buy a widget. Functionality is the most important thing. A flashy website will only impress a client once or twice... or not at all if they can't find what they want. Focus on giving your customers what they are searching for. Make your site "idiot proof".

When picking a designer, cost is the most important thing.
Don't go cheap – go with the best value for your dollar. Picking a web designer is all about getting the best results. Saving $500 on a website that promotes a negative user experience means you lose money and customers over time. It is much more cost effective to do it correctly the first time.

But why pay a professional? My *insert relative here* will "do a website" for $250.
AH! Headache ahead! We have seen so many clients "hire" family, friends and hobbyists to save a few bucks. This is like hiring the paperboy to paint your car because he reads hot rod magazine. When someone designs for fun and "spending cash", they are probably unaware of web standards, not worried about customer support or deadlines, and well on their way to disenchanting your clients. That few hundred bucks you saved will quickly turn into lost revenue as you show off your new "under construction" page.

The website design process is very involved and you will get what you pay for.
Hire a professional. Do it once. Do it right.

Websites are too much work.
I can't afford the huge monthly upkeep costs I've heard about.

Don't believe the hype. Websites are (usually) easy to update. The only question is what your time is worth to you. Do you want to mess with a CMS or just send updates to your designer when you feel the need? Both are viable options. As for monthly costs, if you can afford high speed internet, satellite TV, a Blackberry or even a simple local phone line you can afford to have a website hosted professionally. No matter what your budget, the Hauser Design Group can help you develop a package that suits your specific needs and doesn't break the bank.

I do not need a website because I have a team of sales personnel.
Employees do not work 24 hours a day – effective websites do. Websites sell while you sleep and your clients are awake. Websites help visitors get past the point of indecision. They can provide information people are uncomfortable asking for in person. They allow your staff to stop wasting valuable time searching for and emailing files by simply directing clients to a URL. An effective website will positively supplement almost any sales team.