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Vinyl signage and vinyl vehicle lettering.

Vinyl is ideal for long term or temporary use to raise consumer awareness.

Chances are you have seen vinyl. That nice crisp lettering applied on your favorite gas station's windows. That great logo on your uncle's storefront banner. Those yard signs left behind by real estate agents, or placed temporarily while your local plumber fixes your sink.

That's vinyl, and it can be applied to almost any surface. It allows you to take your professionally designed logo and put it on display for a modest price. One of the most popular applications is vehicles. By placing your information in the back window you create a rolling billboard that tells whoever stops behind you about your company. Parking a truck with your information in a public area advertises constantly, allowing you to spend all day shopping for knickknacks with your mother-in-law guilt free.

What makes vinyl such an ideal form of advertising?

  • Vinyl is extremely cost effective.
    Compared to other forms of signage vinyl provides the most bang for your buck.
  • Vinyl is durable.
    On average vinyl signs will withstand the elements for 4-6 years with edge treatment.
  • Consumer awareness will help you sell more product.
    Storefront signs allow you to unobtrusively and repeatedly remind clients you exist.
  • Vinyl is versatile.
    Application is possible on wood, plastic, glass windows, canvas, steel - any nonporous surface.
  • Again: vinyl is extremely cost effective!
    Make your vehicle a rolling billboard or place yard signs for a minimum investment.

But what if I don't want anything permanent?

If you need to remove your vinyl for some reason, it is not permanent. It can be lifted cleanly and leaves little to no residue (and anything that is left behind can quickly be cleaned with most household solvents or a little elbow grease). If you have a message you want to get out to the public, consider vinyl.

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Consider vinyl - it is an inexpensive method of increasing consumer awareness.

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Common questions and misconceptions about Vinyl:

I can't afford a vinyl sign!
Vinyl is one of the most attractive, inexpensive options for signage and graphics. A sign quickly creates awareness of location and services, it reminds pedestrians about you regularly, and it boosts impulse visits and sales.

Vinyl is inexpensive because it doesn't last very long.
Incorrect. Intermediate (calendared) vinyl will last 5 years on average if applied correctly with edge treatment on a flat surface. Premium (cast) vinyl will last closer to 7 years, withstand the elements better, and can be applied to curved surfaces. Obviously, the cost is greater, so you will have to decide what's right for you. As far as longevity goes, just remember that the sun is your worst enemy.

I can't wash my car if I put vinyl on it.
Vinyl can be washed with mild detergents (always test the solution on a small area first) and then dried with a microfiber cloth or left to air dry. Low pressure washes can be used, but take care and use common sense. If difficult stains must be removed, spot treat with isopropyl alcohol or citrus cleaner but immediately rinse with water and mild soapy detergent. Avoid carnauba based waxes (palm wax) and direct, heavy pressure from brushes and ice scrapers.