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Do you have a social media strategy?

A new level of interaction with clients has emerged.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Groupon - these terms are common in our daily conversations. Everyone knows that they should have some sort of social media strategy, but the truth is that many of us simply don't have the time to keep up with the new "hot online community". If you are thinking about getting the social ball rolling, or if you need someone to show you how to use something like Facebook or LinkedIn, now is the time.

Why bother with Social Media?

  • Engage and converse with your fans.
    There are right and wrong ways to use social media. This is the right way.
  • Social media services are often inexpensive.
    Some of the most popular sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, are free.
  • Social media is more effective than email marketing.
    "E-blasts" are annoying. Social media is a more passive way to communicate with subscribers.
  • Social media is still "hip" and makes you look "modern".
    We're not prone to fads - but I think it's safe to say a few social sites have passed the fad phase.
  • Social media listings can boost your website traffic.
    The more places you're listed the more likely you are to pop up in search results.

How can I start a social media campaign?

Because there are so many variables when it comes to social media - due in part to the massive amount of social media sites and products - the best way to start is to schedule a consultation and write down your ideas and expectations. Once we define what it is you want to accomplish with social media, a custom strategy can be developed and implemented.

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There are so many social sites out there. No doubt implementing a few will help your bottom line.

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