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5-Step Process

Social Media Marketing = Crucial

Social Media Marketing has been a key component in our most successful SEO campaigns. Note: this does NOT mean that every business uses social media in the same way. Much like SEO, social media can work for you if you take the time to develop a customized plan, the adhere to that plan for a period of time.

We’ve developed a 5-step process to help clients create a stronger social presence. After following the plan for a few weeks it is analyzed, deconstructed, improved upon and put back into practice.

Step 1: Determining Your Social Objective(s)

The nice thing about social media is that it allows you to put your message where people already are. The
bad news though – is that those people aren’t there to read advertisements. They will however allow you to
market to them – if you’re creative, entertaining or subtle. The first thing we need to do is schedule a phone call
to discuss what goals we should focus on so we can start to craft the appropriate content. For example:
– Do you want to increase website traffic?
– Do you simply want to promote special offers and discounts?
– Do you want to tell the story of you and your company?
– Do you need to increase brand awareness?
– Are you looking to gather email addresses for more effective Email Marketing?

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Step 2: Reviewing and Optimizing Existing Social Accounts

There are a LOT of social platforms. Some tend to work best for certain types of businesses – but before we run
off into the sunset our time would be well spent reviewing any existing social accounts you have set up. We
can help to optimize these, and make some suggestions for improving them. We can also suggest a few new
social sites to incorporate – or a few to delete and forget about. The mindset here is that businesses will see
greater returns on 1 well run social site, as opposed to 10 poorly run social sites on auto-pilot.

Step 3: Analyzing the Competition

We all have competition. Even if that competition isn’t local, there is someone out there doing what we
do – only better. With that in mind, it makes sense to sniff out some other people in your field that have a
strong social presence. What are they doing that works? Of those things, which can we incorporate into
your business? In some cases this information can be used to create effective content faster, and even avoid

This research also gives us an idea of what people in your field are NOT doing – and this can help us create a few unique posts to really help you stand out in the crowd.

Step 4: Crafting For Each Platform, AND For Your Audience

Once we do our first round of the steps above, we can begin to craft content. But again – in order to market using social media effectively, you need to craft content in a specific way for each platform. Posts fade out much faster on Twitter than on Facebook, and as such they need to be shorter and more frequent. Yet a well written paragraph created for Facebook won’t translate well on Pinterest or Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to post pictures of seasonal specialties – things that might get ignored in the fast-paced “Twitterverse”.
But another key here is this – at the same time we are crafting posts on a per-platform basis, we will also be very mindful to craft posts for YOUR audience. Posts that meet YOUR goals. For example: if Billy Bob’s Hot Dog Shack needs to increase brand awareness, and Billy can generate more user interaction with posts of animals eating hot dogs than he can with posts pushing 50% off coupons – he would be wise to take note of this, and start feeding some animals!
As we mentioned earlier this is a learning game: the goal is to discover your market, then target them creatively, in ways that have been proven to work on each platform.

Step 5: Analyze, Adjust & Repeat

One of the most exciting and frustrating elements about the social landscape is that it is constantly changing. There is a new site every week, and we’ve seen titans come and go (MySpace anyone?), yet one truth remains: the people are there.
To this point, one of the very first marketing principles we discuss with clients is that no matter what you are selling, in order to be effective you need to be where the people are.
In this instance we know the first part of that equation – they’re on social media, often multiple times each day – or in many cases connected 100% of the time through their phones. This is why social media marketing has the potential to be so powerful. However, in order to use it to your advantage you need to start paying attention to what works and what doesn’t. This will never be a set-it-and-forget-it game.
By working through these steps with you time and again, we know that we can help you grow your business. We can help you find out where your customers are, what they like, how you can trigger interaction – and ultimately help you figure out how to market to them as effectively as possible.

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“I’ve been working with AJ and Jake for a couple of years now for a couple major clients of mine. They’re the trifecta of what you’re looking for, responsive, affordable, and honest. As a web-designer and photographer, I have limitations in coding knowledge, this is when I call on AJ and his team to fill in my big gaps. I appreciate their depth of knowledge working with Shopify, php, and thinking outside the box to respond to the wide range of requests I’ve thrown at them. You won’t be disappointed with this team!”