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Professional Website Hosting is within reach.

Your website can load faster than your competition's for a measly $0.25 a day.

Intrigued? Well check this out... Did you know that Google takes page load times into consideration when ranking your website? It's true. Now consider this: Your server (which is a massive computer that houses the files that make up your website) essentially "serves" pages to visitors. Much like a restaurant, when a client receives poor service, they won't be back. A broken website reflects poorly on you and your business – can you afford to lose 10%, 20%, or even 30% of your visiting clients?

With cheap servers come breakdowns, slow load times and frequent outages. There is nothing worse than receiving the message "Sorry – the page you are trying to view cannot be displayed because we are experiencing technical difficulties". This situation is especially painful if it happens to a client with a full shopping cart. Visitors won't wait around when they are 3 seconds away from a Google search and your competitor's site. If your site is down you are losing money, no matter what you save on the front end.

What makes professional hosting better?

  • Reliability. Stability. Security.
    Our servers are located in a concrete reinforced building only accessible to trained staff.
  • Commercial grade components.
    Utilize the most advanced technologies for fast and accurate transport of your mission-critical data.
  • Constant surveillance 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
    If your site is down, it isn't selling. Minimize equipment failure and down time.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with triple data backup.
    Data loss is virtually non-existent due to triple backup procedures.
  • Experience local, personal customer support.
    Call someone who knows you by name that can address your specific needs immediately.
  • Show off how FAST your website loads!
    When you have 3 seconds to make an impression, fast load times are invaluable.

Professional Hosting will help your website achieve peak performance.

Fast page loads and minimal downtime are a great foundation for any website. They are also a necessity for anyone serious about implementing a successful website marketing strategy.

Why host with the Hauser Design Group?

We provide powerful tier-one commercial grade hosting services.
Access expensive, enterprise level software not offered by the mass service providers.
Our solutions are scalable - startup, big business, enterprise - our products grow with you.
Customer support comes from a small company who knows your name, not your customer ID.

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Common questions and misconceptions about Web and Email Hosting:

I received a letter today stating my domain is going to expire and I'll lose it!
This is a popular scam. Never sign anything or pay anyone who sends a letter or email like this. "Companies" exist that trick people into giving them accidental permission to re-register their domain names. Some only charge a little extra, but others are what we call "squatters" and they wait to sell you back your own domain at an outrageous price. If you host with the Hauser Design Group, when your domain is about to expire you will be informed.

Is there ever any down time?
You can expect minimal downtime; no one can guarantee zero downtime due to routine maintenance, which we always schedule at non-peak hours with the least amount of traffic (approximately 3:00 AM). However, the more bothersome occurrences of random downtime are greatly reduced on professional servers. In the unlikely event that our ISP completely fails, we will take the necessary actions to move your site right away at no charge to you. We will also cover the cost of moving your domain to a new server.

GoDaddy and other popular mass hosting providers are the cheapest and best value.
While GoDaddy may have the most lucrative marketing campaign of any hosting service, they are not the best value. Without going into too much detail let me just stress that some of the big players use foreign customer support, experience routine downtime during peak hours, don't employ triple backup and can't offer the security, stability and speed of other servers.

On a personal note - we switched to professional hosting immediately after our own website was hacked (by some porn company no less) while located on a mass hosting provider. It happens to thousands every day and it can destroy a business. Since our switch we have always stressed this service to clients. It is inexpensive and the benefits are immediate.