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Business Branding Services

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand – but remember: your brand is so much more than your logo alone. If you retain this concept (along with a few other key points we’d like to discuss with you) you’ll be well on your way to developing a rock solid brand foundation – which will immediately differentiate you from your competition.

Some of Our Most Popular Branding Services Include:

  • Your Brand Plan & Mission Statement
  • Logo Design
  • Company Style Guide
  • Business Plan Development

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Ottawa Design Brochure

Custom, Creative Design Services

Humans are visual creatures that don’t necessarily like to read. This is why great design is so important. Professional, effective design has the ability to visually convey your message before your new client reads a single word, and unique pieces with a clear call to action always boost sales. Let us help you dominate your competition (visually of course).

Some of Our Most Popular Design Services Include:

  • Print Design (Cards, Brochures, Ads, etc.)
  • Website Design
  • App and User Interface Design
  • Vinyl Signage / Lettering

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Responsive Website Design

Website Development
(or "Web Dev")

Website development – whether you’re talking a standard website, a responsive mobile friendly site, Ecommerce setup, custom web-based applications – or even app development – we’ve got you covered. We love to build powerful digital marketing tools for our clients, and write rock-solid code with a focus on scalability, mobile use and SEO best practices.

Some of Our Most Popular Development Services Include:

  • Responsive Website Development
  • E-commerce (storefront) Development
  • API Integration & Customized Web Solutions
  • App Development (iPhone & Android)

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Kim Taha
[Logo + Ecommerce Website Design & Launch]

“AJ & the gang did a great job with my logo and website – they are AWESOME! AJ nailed it on the first draft and I literally don’t have anything to change. It’s perfect! The layout, colors, and everything is just what I had envisioned, but even better! Thank you so much!!! You did an excellent job!!”

Meet The Team

Meet The Hauser Design Group Team

Well hello there.

The Hauser Design Group calls Ottawa, Illinois home – but the truth is that we are lucky enough to have happy clients all over the world. Our team continues to grow, and these are a few of the friendly faces behind our body of work.

AJ Hauser, Branding & Design Lead

AJ Hauser
Branding & Design Lead

Once upon a time, a band had no money and a website was created in a dorm room. It was awful, so let’s skip ahead. ¬†AJ is an experienced designer that loves to help companies build better brands.

Kelly Wilson, Web Development Lead

Kelly Wilson
Web Development Lead

Kelly likes to mingle with other people at the local coffee shop. It’s how she met AJ. She also likes cats…and smiles a lot… but she REALLY loves front-end development and crushing deadlines.

Jake Neumann, Web Developer

Jake Neumann
Web Developer

That majestic beard harnesses the force of the sun and is believed to be the source of Jake’s power. When he’s not reffing roller derby he’s coding API intergations, custom web solutions, and Shopify mods.

Cyndy Hauser, VP Finance

Cyndy Hauser
VP Finance

That lovely voice on the other end of the phone? That’s Cyndy – and she’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about billing, payments, forms – you know… numbers and stuff.

Zach Hauser, Social Media Expert

Zach Hauser
Social Media Expert

Like Nerf guns? So does Zach. When you come to visit make sure to check your six or you’ll be on the receiving end of a green dart. He also develops plans so clients can dominate social media. Yippee ki-yay.

Henry Bear, Director of Bears

Henry Bear
Director of Bears

Probably the single most important job in regards to our continued success. When asked why he’s so good, Henry replied: “ruffff grrraph frrrrrrrr salmon frrrrururr grufff pff“. It’s safe to say we all agree.

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